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New Releases & Business Updates

It’s been a hot second since we’ve last blogged, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been hibernating!

Editorial Operations

We’ve been focused the last few months on promotions, the lit journal, and strategic planning. We’ve been supported in this effort by Patrick Bertone-Haywood, our intern from Ferris State University who’s offered significant contributions to the literary journal and to our planning work. We wish him the best this fall as he begins an MFA program at Michigan State University.

What I Can Do

We’re delighted to have released, in early January, What I Can Do, the memoir of Mary K. Hoodhood. Mary K. is the founder of Kid’s Food Basket, a West Michigan non-profit that delivers 1.2 million “sack suppers” to schoolchildren in the area who would otherwise not enjoy an evening meal.

Mary K. was paralyzed from the chest down in an auto accident when she was in her 20s. As she recovered from her injuries, she struggled with questions about how her life would unfold. But she kept focusing on what she could do — and tens of thousands of kids across the region are better off because of it.

Her memoir, written in partnership with Lisa McNeilley, is a powerful exploration of courage, service, and compassion. We’re proud to have published it. It’s available in softcover and ebook everywhere, and in hardcover exclusively through Lakeshore Literary.

The Lakeshore Review

Our winter issue was bit delayed, but it hit the stands in early May. We’re thrilled with the great material contained in this issue.

We’re currently in the production window for Issue No. 4 of The Lakeshore Review, with release anticipated later this month. We’re in the middle of the reading window for Issue No. 5, which closes July 31.

Surface Reflections, No. 2

Later this summer, we’ll open submissions for the second issue of our Surface Reflections anthology. This anthology is focused on longer genre fiction pieces that otherwise might face steeper headwinds in a traditional literary journal. 

Bookstore, Cafe, & Events Update

After careful consideration, we’ve elected to end our in-house bookstore and cafe, and to discontinue our events program. This choice distilled to one consideration: Most folks don’t think of a book publisher as a retail operation! 

But do not fret: We still offer a (new! expanded!) bookstore and cafe, as well as a dedicated events space. It’s just under a different brand — Jason’s Books & Coffee. Going forward, all in-person retail, mobile retail, and special events will be managed by the bookstore, which is its own corporation fully independent from Lakeshore Literary.

The corollary is that the publishing company will only handle publishing through one of our three imprints (Lakeshore One, for general fiction; Lakeshore Technical, for technical non-fiction; and Lakeshore Verse, for poetry) or through the thrice-annual literary journal, The Lakeshore Review. As such, Lakeshore Literary is no longer open for drop-in visits by members of the public, although we do still support appointments.

Miscellaneous Business Updates

A few items of interest:

  • We’ve joined the Independent Book Publishers Association and the Midwest Independent Publishers Association. These memberships are in addition to our long-running and fruitful engagement with the Community of Literary Magazines and Small Presses.
  • Our president, Jason Gillikin, is the sole candidate for board secretary of the Midwest Independent Publishers Association. This two-year term starts this summer. MiPA is the official trade organization for indie presses located in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. MiPA is a regional affiliate of  IBPA.
  • By streamlining our business operations (e.g., by carving off retail and events), we can better focus on core publishing competencies. Other parts of our broader vision, like author education, will also separate very soon. We’ve stood up the Lakeshore Literary Foundation, a non-profit organization legally and financially separate from Lakeshore Literary, Inc. The Foundation will engage in programming like writers’ groups and regional book awards, under its own board of directors. The Foundation is presently pursuing 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Service.

All for now.

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