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Indie booksellers deserve their margins. Libraries and schools, too.

We know that the major trade catalogs charge publishers one discount rate but pass along a much lower discount rate to you. Especially if you’re leading an independent book store, you’re already dealing with razor-thin margins. Why should a distributor earn the lion’s share of a book’s overall revenue, just because you might be too small to demand the rates that the chains can command?

If you work with Lakeshore Literary, you’ll get:

  • No enrollment fees or convoluted application forms. And we don’t care who else you order from — no exclusivity! And we won’t pester you if you don’t order “enough.” We respect the $10/year client as much as the $10M/year client.
  • Great books by vetted small presses, as well as an assortment of current and back-catalog literary journals.
  • Opportunities for advertising cross-promotion, including optional listing on our “friends of” bookseller list.
  • Our catalog includes important demographic information about (most) authors, including geography details (the first three digits of the author’s ZIP code), so you can easily partner with authors for in-store readings or signings or find books that meet a special theme. We ask whether the author is: A debut creator, differently abled, ESL, faith-based, female, LGBTQI, male, BIPOC, a veteran, a well-known creator, socioeconomically disadvantaged, or under-represented in his or her genre. We request author-contact info as part of standard title enrollment, so we’re happy to serve as a bridge to connect you with local or specialty talent.
  • No-hassle online ordering through our secure Web portal — no faxing, obscure teletype systems, or paper forms to mess with.
  • Pay for your order by credit card, send us a check, or use a stored-value digital wallet that you can fund (or de-fund!) at any time.
  • Don’t want to deal with self-published authors seeking consignments that you have to manage? Send them to us. If their book is solid enough for general-purpose distribution, we’ll add them to our self-published author catalog. We believe we’re the only general-purpose distributor that welcomes self-published authors.

And we think the dollars look favorable to you, as well:

  • A straight 55 percent discount off publisher’s list price. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts, and no minimum-annual-volume requirements. Everyone gets the same discount.
  • We subsidize shipping to you with standard low-cost USPS Media Mail services. If you’re close enough to our intergalactic HQ, we’ll probably even deliver it to you for free, in person.
  • All purchases are returnable while they’re in our catalog; when an item leaves our catalog, we’ll give you a 90-day heads up so you can return it with time to spare, if you wish.

Libraries, Schools & Book Clubs

In addition to our work with booksellers, we support libraries, schools, and book clubs, as well. We allow each small press or self-published author to indicate an additional discount to offer to your organizations. You are, of course, welcome to order out of the catalog at wholesale rates (again, a standard 55 percent discount) but depending on our supplier partners, your special role in our catalog system may open select titles to even deeper discounts.

Wholesale Purchaser Enrollment Form

Ready to get started? Complete the form that follows. We’ll follow-up within a day or two. We will provide an account for you and flip the magic “wholesale customer” button so that you see the discounted rates and bypass sales-tax collection.

    Organization Details Business/Organization Name Street Address: City: State/Province/Territory: Postal Code: Country: Phone: URL: Organization Type: For-Profit BookstoreNon-Profit BookstoreSpecialty RetailerPublic LibrarySchool DistrictBook Club

    Let us know the primary point-of-contact for account changes, billing, or contractual notices.

    Authorized Point of Contact Name: Title: Email: Phone:

    Add the full names and email addresses of people authorized to purchase on behalf of the organization. If no one other than the authorized point-of-contact can place orders, type "none" in the box.

    Account Information Other Users:

    And finally, we need to know if you agree to what we're doing.

    Terms & Conditions I attest that I'm authorized to make this agreement and to purchase on behalf of my organization: YesNo I agree to the Terms and Conditions specified by Lakeshore Literary: YesNo I attest that I've offered truthful information on this form: YesNo I agree to receive business-related correspondence from Lakeshore Literary by email: YesNo

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