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Join Your Tribe!

Lakeshore Literary sponsors the Grand River Writing Tribe, a loose confederation of critique groups whose members are focused on publication and growing in their craft.

Presently, GRWT supports five teams:

  • “The OG Tribe” — five people, in-person meetings only, at the Lakeshore Literary offices. Meets every other Monday evening for three hours, usually featuring critiques, targeted craft education, and free-writing time.
  • “The BBL” — five people, with a mix of in-person and (as circumstances warrant) virtual meetings. In-person meetings tend to occur at Rivertown Crossings Mall.
  • “Group V” — five people spread across North America. Virtual meetings only, every other Saturday on the GRWT Discord server. 
  • “Group W” — still stormin’ and formin’, this virtual group has four people and is open to more.
  • “WriteOn!” — nine people meeting every second Friday of the month at the Lakeshore Literary offices. This group is more focused on social collaboration than critique, although the group occasionally runs writing challenges and word games.

The Tribe uses a forum system and a closed Discord server. People interested in learning more, or applying to join a group, should visit the GRWT blog. Existing groups that want to join the broader confederation are welcome to use the Contact Us form to reach out.