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The best way to contact Lakeshore Literary Logistics is through our ticketing system. We use tickets for a few important reasons:

  1. The ticket system allows us to be fully GDPR compliant, an important point for our partners based in Europe.
  2. Tickets promote team effort on our end — that way, you won’t send message to an email address that might go unchecked.
  3. Ticket histories promote transparency: Everyone knows what got said, and when, and by whom, so there’s never any doubt about communication. Your login ties you to your entire ticket history.

To file a ticket and track its history with us, you’ll need to register an account on our system. If you already have an account, please log in. You are welcome, however, to file a guest ticket.

Of note:

  • Use a simple, direct subject line.
  • For the department drop-down, select “General Question” unless you’ve already established a working relationship with us. You are not required to use this field.

Please do not use this form for unsolicited business-to-business correspondence unrelated to our work as a book and journal distributor. 

Need to reach our office? Send us postal mail to:

Lakeshore Literary Logistics
3167 Kalamazoo Ave SE, Suite 203
Grand Rapids MI  49508

Please do not send us packages that require a signature. We’re not in the office when our overburdened mail carrier makes her appointed rounds.

This site complies with GDPR regulations.

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