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The best way to contact Lakeshore Literary is through our ticketing system. We use tickets for a few important reasons:

  1. The ticket system allows us to be fully GDPR compliant, an important point for our partners based in Europe.
  2. Tickets promote team effort on our end — that way, you won’t send message to an email address that might go unchecked, or checked but your message was sent to spam folders.
  3. Ticket histories promote transparency: Everyone knows what got said, and when, and by whom, so there’s never any doubt about communication.
  4. We do not accept phone calls. All phone calls go to voice mail, and those voice mails (given the volume of phone spam we receive) are rarely retrieved. We use our phone system for scheduled calls only.

Need to send something physical to us? Direct postal mail (please, no signature confirmation) to:

Lakeshore Literary, Inc.
PO Box 3157
Grand Rapids MI  49501

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Use the following form to reach out. Please select the General Question or Feedback category drop-down option. Sign in to access your ticket history, or select the blue Continue as Guest option to create a ticket without logging in. Our system acknowledges your tickets within 60 seconds or so. Please check your Spam or Bulk folders if this acknowledgement doesn’t appear in your inbox. Some email systems (including, intermittently, do not deliver our messages even to Spam, but you can always create an account here to access your complete correspondence history.