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Small Press Title Enrollment

Get it out there!

Please use this form to add a new title (either a book or a literary journal) to our catalog. This form may only be used by enrolled small presses. See our Small Press Distribution page for additional information.

    First, we'll review the process. Then we'll ask about you. Then we'll ask about the book or literary journal. This title-enrollment form presupposes that you've already been registered as a participating small press with us. If you haven't yet completed this step, visit our Small Press Distribution page for additional information.

    Process Steps
    1. I paid online.I will send a check or money order with my shipment. If you paid online, please indicate your order ID number:
    2. 2. Complete this form online. We ask you to complete one individual form for every catalog item, because our back-end review process requires full applications — even if you've already sent work to us before. You are welcome to ship several different products in the same package, however.
    3. 3. Send physical copies to us at: Lakeshore Literary Inc., 1590 44th St SW, Wyoming MI 49509 USA. Please do not send the shipment in a manner that requires us to sign for it; we're not in the office when the drivers complete their appointed rounds. It's okay to send the shipment (and, if necessary, your check or money order for the evaluation fee) without a copy of this enrollment form; we'll match your electronic application to the products as they arrive.
    Publisher & Shipment Identification

    Please let us know when to expect the shipment. The planned date/carrier/quantity/tracking-ID fields are optional; share them if you know them. You are welcome to prepare us for pre-order titles using this form. Specific release information about the book appears in the ABOUT THE BOOK section, below.


    1. US Postal ServiceUPSFedExDHLPersonal DeliveryOtherTBD
    Author Information

    This section gathers information about the author, or the primary author/editor of a multi-author work. We understand that some small presses may not have all of this information. We believe this data is useful to bookstore owners, to support specialty orders and to facilitate in-person signing/reading events. Please make every effort to complete as much of this information as you can. We will supply author contact information directly to bookstores, upon inquiry from a participating bookseller. If you're submitting a literary journal, use the contact information (skip demographics) for the editorial leader of the journal best equipped to field inquiries from bookstore owners.


    1. Debut Creator (first-time book)Differently Abled CreatorESL Creator (English is not the creator's primary language)Faith-Based CreatorFemale CreatorLGBTQI CreatorMale CreatorBIPOC CreatorVeteran CreatorWell-Known Creator (public figure, established/award-winning writer)Young Creator (child, teen)Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Creator (please explain in the Comments box)Under-Represented in Genre (please explain in the Comments box)

    Now we explore some attributes of the book or the literary journal. All wholesale buyers automatically enjoy 55 percent off the full retail price. That percentage does not change. However, if you wish to set a lower base price for libraries, schools, or book clubs, put that recommended base price in the relevant boxes. If you do not supply numbers, then these other groups do not receive a different price from wholesale bookstore buyers. For example, if you price a book at $14.95, a retail customer will pay $14.95 and a wholesale buyer would pay $7.18. If for that same book you set a special base library price of $12.95, then the library will pay $5.83 but other wholesalers would pay $7.18 and full retail remains $14.95. Be aware that deep discounts may result in negative revenue.

    About the Book
    1. It's one continuous narrative.It's a collection of smaller works by the same author.It's a collection of smaller works by different authors.
    2. ChapbookNovella, Essay or Full Poetry BookShort Book (30k-60k words)Standard Book (60k-90k words)Long Book (90k-150k words)Epic Book (150k+ words)
    3. ChildrenMiddle-GradeYoung AdultAdult (General Audience)Adult (Technical Audience)
    4. HardcoverSoftcoverNon-Standard Cover
    5. B&W Text OnlyColor Art or PhotosInserts Not Bound to SpineNon-Standard Interior
    6. YesNo

    An asterisk denotes a required field.

    Thank you. You'll hear from us within two weeks after we receive your complete package. We will send you an email right now that confirms receipt. Please check your Spam or Junk Mail folders if it doesn't appear in your inbox in the next minute or so.