Measuring the Marigolds


This collection of poems, rooted in place, explores the forms of meaning the poet makes of her life. The poet—Dr. Miriam Bat-Ami—offers a mix of joy, sorrow, loss and love sure to resonate with people who’ve grown to “measure who I was and who I’ve become.”

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Place factors heavily in the landscape of these poems. It is both inner and outer landscape. Against the backdrop of Southwest Michigan, I explore my own position. While, like the inchworm in The Inch Worm Song, I am measuring who I was and who I’ve become, I understand that measuring is flexible and always changing. Two and two are four, four and four are eight—just as in the song—but the combination of numbers are not always the same, and how one adds up a life can always change. I ask myself questions that some of the people I write about may well ask themselves: What kind of meaning can I make of my life?

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