Destiny Pills & Space Wizards


These 16 speculative-fiction stories from Jean Davis will make you think, laugh, cry — and recognize the power of this genre to share compelling stories.

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From a wizard training with a crotchety old master to a thief caught in the middle of a political uprising and an epidemic on another world, this anthology has a little of everything for lovers of speculative fiction.

  • In a dark tale, a mermaid discovers the truth about the tense relationship of her parents and what it means for her future.
  • Alone in a vast spaceship, the last of the seed wizards struggles with his task. If he can’t discover how to create a new world, the thousands of sleepers on his ship will never wake.
  • Sam works for a dragon that is driving the countryside into ruin with his love for treasure. Sam wants to help his people he also doesn’t want to be eaten for pointing that out the dragon’s faults.
  • A little boy meets a new friend when he learns how to hide from his abusive father. While there are plenty of people seeking him, will he ever be found?
  • Xerxes might finally have a reason to move out of his mother’s basement. All he has to do is master a video game and save the world.
  • When a beloved wife dies and doesn’t come back like she promised, her elderly husband sets out to find her.

Dragons, wizards, thieves, and spaceships, oh my!

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