Consequence #13


Issue #13 of Consequence, a literary journal addressing the human consequences and realities of war and geopolitical violence through literature, art, and community events. Released December 2021.

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Poetry: Alexa Luborsky, Almyr L. Bump, Angeline Truong, Don Pomerantz, Charles Kesler, Ellen Kombiyil, Emily Austin, George Franklin, George Kalogeris, George Kovach, Jeanne Bonner, Jehanne Dubrow, Kevin McIIvoy, Matthew Thorburn, Milica Mijatović, Samn Stockwell, Sarah Antine, Tom Sleigh

Fiction: Alexis Stratton, Barbara Krasner, Carl Thompson Jr., Diane Callahan, Robert Hinderliter

Translations: ‘Āref Qazvīnī, Bänoo Zan, Dima AlBasha, Edith Bruck, Fereshteh Sari, Françoise Thiry, Jennifer Jean, Michael Shapiro, Mona Al Assi, Moyshe-Leyb Halpern, Parisa Saranj, Sylvie Kandé

Nonfiction: Eric Chandler, Jennifer Lang, Jerri Bell

Visual Art: Clintel Steed, Serwan Baran

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Luborsky Alexa, Bump Almyr L., Truong Angeline, Pomerantz Don, Kesler Charles, Kombiyil Ellen, Austin Emily, Franklin George, Kalogeris George, Kovach George, Bonner Jeanne, Dubrow Jehanne, McIIvoy Kevin, Thorburn Matthew, Mijatović Milica, Stockwell Samn, Antine Sarah, Sleigh Tom, Stratton Alexis, Krasner Barbara, Thompson Carl, Callahan Diane, Hinderliter Robert, Qazvīnī ‘Āref, Zan Bänoo, AlBasha Dima, Bruck Edith, Sari Fereshteh, Thiry Françoise, Jean Jennifer, Shapiro Michael, Al Assi Mona, Halpern Moyshe-Leyb, Saranj Parisa, Kandé Sylvie, Chandler Eric, Lang Jennifer, Bell Jerri, Steed Clintel, Baran Serwan


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