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Journal of the Month

Give yourself the gift of great literature — monthly!

Everybody loves a mystery box, right? What if your box were filled not with tchotchkes or dog treats, but with some of the finest short stories, poetry, and essays currently being written?

Our Journal of the Month Club is rather like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates: You never know what you’re gonna get. But we trust that what you get will amaze and delight you, month after month.

To receive the Journal of the Month Club subscription, please sign up through our Patreon page. You’ll manage your account through Patreon, as well.

For Readers

Your patronage — $20 each for up to three journals each month — directly supports the small press, university program or non-profit group that publishes the journal. A full 70 percent of your fee, in fact, goes straight to the source. The remaining money covers our (very modest) overhead and our cost to mail the journals to you.

Although you won’t know in advance what you’ll receive, we’ve partnered with great — even if sometimes obscure — journals to offer a broad array of items for your reading pleasure.

And we guarantee that in the course of a year, you won’t see the same journal twice.

Money tight? No worries. You are free to join and un-join and re-join whenever you wish.

For Editors

Interested in participating? Let us know what month(s) you can be on deck, and for how many copies. As your month approaches, we’ll advise you of the specific number of issues we’ll need to fulfill the month’s orders. You ship us only what we need (no waste!) and we’ll pay you $14 per distributed journal within two weeks — a flat rate, regardless of how you price your issues.

You can even slip an insert into your copies, promoting yourself and soliciting ads and subs. Woohoo!

You’ll have to bear the cost of printing and shipping the journals to us. We’ll bear the cost of shipping them to subscribers.

Get started by filing a ticket with us. In the body, let us know the name and volume of your journal, the month(s) you’re willing to send copies to us, and the maximum number of copies that month. We’ll do our scheduling math then establish a calendar. It’s okay if you can only participate once a year or if you can only send a small number of copies. And it’s okay, too, to let us know that you won’t be ready to participate until well in the future.

Oh, and even though we’ll draft a simple agreement to make sure everything’s on the level, we aren’t assessing any sort of fees to participate. All we ask is that you periodically promote this program as part of your normal marketing activities.

Sound too good to be true? Our goal with this program is just to meet our costs. Because, yes, our predecessor company’s literary journal, The 3288 Review, is part of the mix, and our financial goal lies in promoting our journal, not in fleecing yours. A bigger program makes everyone happy — and it also spreads great literary talent to ever wider audiences.