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Self-Published Author Enrollment

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Thank you for your interest in adding your book to our Self-Published Authors catalog. We very strongly encourage you to read our page about our Self-Published Author program; it contains important information about eligibility criteria and a high-level summary of terms and conditions.

This page contains the enrollment form you must complete to get started.

    First, we'll review the process and confirm your eligibility. Then we'll ask about you. Then we'll ask about the book.

    Process Steps
    1. I paid online.I will send a check or money order with my book. If you paid online, please indicate your transaction ID number:
    2. 2. Complete this form online. We ask you to complete it for every book, in its entirety, because our back-end review process requires full applications — even if you've already sent work to us before.
    3. 3. Send one physical copy of your book to us at: Lakeshore Literary Logistics, 3167 Kalamazoo Ave SE, Suite 203, Grand Rapids MI 49503. We cannot accept e-books or PDFs, because part of our review entails inspection of the print quality of the book. Please do not send the book in a manner that requires us to sign for it; we're not in the office when the USPS carrier completes her appointed rounds. It's okay to just send the book (and, if necessary, your check or money order for the evaluation fee) without a copy of this application; we'll match your electronic application to the book title.
    Author's Attestations

    To be eligible to work with Lakeshore Literary Logistics as a self-published author, you must meet several criteria. These rules aren't intended to make your life more difficult, but rather ensure that we enjoy the legal right to release your book in the wholesale market. Please answer YES if the following statements are true and NO if they are false.


    1. YesNo
    2. YesNo
    3. YesNo
    4. YesNo
    5. YesNo
    6. YesNo
    7. YesNo
    8. YesNo
    9. YesNo
    10. YesNo
    11. YesNo
    Author Information

    This section gathers information about the author, or the primary author/editor of a multi-author work.


    1. YesNo
    2. YesNo
    3. YesNo
    4. Debut Creator (first-time book)Differently AbledESL Creator (English is not the creator's primary language)Faith-Based CreatorFemale CreatorLGBTQI CreatorMale CreatorPerson of ColorVeteranWell-Known Creator (public figure, established/award-winning writer)Young Creator (child, teen)Socioeconomic Disadvantage (please explain in the Comments box)Under-Represented in Genre (please explain in the Comments box)

    Now we explore some attributes of your book. All wholesale buyers automatically enjoy 55 percent off the full retail price. That percentage does not change. However, if you wish to set a lower base price for libraries, schools or book clubs, put that recommended base price in the relevant boxes. If you do not supply numbers, then these other groups do not receive a different price from wholesale bookstore buyers. For example, if you price a book at $14.95, a retail customer will pay $14.95 and a wholesale buyer would pay $7.18. If for that same book you set a special base library price of $12.95, then the library will pay $5.83 but other wholesalers would pay $7.18 and full retail remains $14.95. You are not obligated to set alternative base prices.

    About the Book
    1. It's one continuous narrative.It's a collection of smaller works by the same author.It's a collection of smaller works by different authors.
    2. Chapbook or Novelette (1k words/10 poems to 15k words/30 poems)Novella, Essay or Full Poetry Book (15k to 30k words or 31 or more poems)Short Book (30k-60k words)Standard Book (60k-90k words)Long Book (90k-150k words)Epic Book (150k+ words)
    3. ChildrenMiddle-GradeYoung AdultAdult (General Audience)Adult (Technical Audience)
    4. HardcoverSoftcoverNon-Standard Cover
    5. B&W Text OnlyColor Art or PhotosInserts Not Bound to SpineNon-Standard Interior
    6. YesNo

    An asterisk denotes a required field.

    Thank you. You'll hear from us within two weeks after we receive your complete package. We will send you an email right now that confirms receipt. Please check your Spam or Junk Mail folders if it doesn't appear in your inbox in the next minute or so.